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What Hockey Scouts are Looking for in Young Players

For every young hockey player aiming to reach the top of their game, it is always helpful to know what hockey scouts look for in young players. Scouts are tasked with identifying and recruiting the best talent at a young age. It is important that young hockey players know what scouts are looking for so that they can improve on those aspects of their game. If you are a young aspiring player in Edmonton, Alberta, and looking to take your hockey game to the next level, then this blog post is for you.

Skating Ability

Scouts are looking for players who possess superior skating skills. Skating affects every aspect of the game, including speed, agility, and power. A hockey player with strong skating skills can easily outpace an opponent, jump on loose pucks, and create scoring opportunities for their team. Edgework, backward skating, lateral movement, and acceleration are all important aspects of skating, and a strong player should excel in all these areas.

Puck Handling

Puck handling is another critical skill scouts look for. You need to be able to handle and move the puck quickly, maneuver through traffic, and create opportunities for yourself and your team. The best players know how to protect and pass the puck confidently while under pressure. Stickhandling, passing, and receiving the puck are integral aspects of puck handling that scouts consider.

Hockey Intelligence

A player with excellent hockey IQ, or hockey intelligence, is highly valuable to any team. Players with a high hockey IQ know how to read the play, anticipate where the puck is going, and make critical decisions in a fraction of a second. You also need a good sense of team play and positional awareness. Elite players possess an ability to control the game, slow the pace down when needed, and facilitate the team’s offense and defense.

Physical Attributes

Physical ability is also very important in elite-level hockey. Scouts look for players who have a combination of strength, size, and endurance. Smaller players can excel in the game, but the best players maintain their speed, strength, and skill over a full 60-minute game. You should also show good body positioning, maintain balance, and be willing to compete in all areas of the ice.

Attitude and Work Ethic

The final area that scouts look for is attitude and work ethic. No team wants a player who takes shortcuts or is unreliable. Scouts look for players who have a positive attitude, show up on time, work hard during practice, and on game days. Good communication skills, coachability, and a willingness to learn are also essential qualities that scouts look for in a potential player.


In conclusion, understanding what scouts are looking for in young hockey players is a vital step for any aspiring player in Edmonton, Alberta. Skating, puck handling, hockey intelligence, physical ability, and attitude/work ethic are all critical qualities that elite-level hockey recruits look for in players. Work on your skating and puck handling skills, develop your hockey IQ, build your physical attributes, and cultivate a positive attitude and work ethic. These skills can give you an edge over others, and help propel you to the next level of elite-level hockey.

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