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Welcome to Frontier Selects Hockey Academy

At Frontier Selects, we’re more than just a hockey academy. We prioritise ‘Athlete Development’ by focusing on a holistic approach encompassing the academic, physical, mental and character development that’s important in becoming an elite athlete. We are dedicated to nurturing young talent and helping them achieve their goals both on and off the ice as well as in the classroom.

Our Mission

Our mission is to shape the athletes of tomorrow by providing world-class training, education, and life skills development in a supportive, inclusive environment. We believe in fostering a passion for the game while instilling the values of discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Training Program

Our comprehensive training program combines innovative techniques with traditional principles to give our students a well-rounded skill set. Our professional coaches with many years of playing and coaching experience, provide personalized guidance to help each student maximize their level of performance.


Our program encourages academic success by utilising the athletes’ passion for sports to promote lifelong learning. By incorporating athlete development with academics, we offer a structured educational program that embodies some of the best educational institutions available to ensure that our students don’t miss out on their academic goals while pursuing their passion for hockey.

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Life at Frontier Selects Hockey Academy

Life at Frontier Selects Hockey Academy extends beyond the rink. We provide a welcoming, inclusive environment where students can form lasting friendships, learn valuable life skills, and grow as lifelong learners. Imagine having all your hockey development centralized in one location!

In addition, Southern California families can have their family time back while all the Education and athlete development is finished by dinner time each day!

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Whether aspiring to compete in hockey at the collegiate or professional levels or aiming to enhance your skills while receiving an outstanding education, Frontier Selects Hockey Academy is the ultimate destination.

Enrol with us now and embark on your journey to becoming a varsity athlete today!

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