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Riverside, California Area

Billet Families Wanted:

Riverside, California Area – Inland Empire

We are currently seeking warm and welcoming billet families in the Riverside, California area to open their homes to our talented young athletes. By becoming a billet family, you play a crucial role in supporting these dedicated players as they pursue their dreams in hockey.

Why Become A Billet Family?


Make A Difference

Your support can make a significant impact on a young athlete’s life. By providing a stable and caring environment, you contribute to their overall well-being and success.

Cultural Exchange:

Embrace the opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Billet families often form lasting relationships with players, creating a cultural exchange experience for both parties

Community Engagement:

Join the Frontier Selects Hockey Academy community and be part of a network that shares a passion for the sport. Attend games, events, and build connections with other families who share a common interest.

Financial Assistance:

Billet families receive financial compensation to help cover the costs associated with hosting a player. This includes support for groceries, utilities, and other related expenses.

Open Your Home and Heart to a Frontier Selects Hockey Player

If you have a spare room and a willingness to support these driven athletes, we invite you to open your home and heart to a Frontier Selects hockey player. Your role as a billet family is an integral part of their journey toward success in the sport.

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